Mann Lines is a specialist in transporting cars, vans, trucks and mobile machines.

Vessels have dedicated car decks and loading spaces for around 750 vehicles each week, in addition to other ro-ro cargoes carried.

The ports of call include:

 Bemerhaven - with worldwide ro-ro connections and a hub for many European producers

 Harwich - for UK production

 Paldiski - a major receiving port for distribution to Baltic States and Russia

 Turku - for Finnish and Russian distribution



Timber / Paper / Steel



Ship's roll trailers are used for the sea transport of all types of break bulk cargo such as timber, paper and steel.

Typical capacity of each 12m roll trailer is 80 tonnes and up to 120m3, providing a cost effective method of transport. Roll-trailers up to 18m and 100 tonnes capacity are available. Loading of cargo to the trailers is by fork lift truck, and once loaded the cargo is not handled. This is a cargo-friendly system less susceptible to damage than conventional vessel loading and securing.

As only small quantities of cargo are needed to fill each roll trailer, shipment can be made regularly and in small volumes. This avoids the need to consolidate cargo for larger volume shipments, reducing delay and working capital employed.



Project and Special Cargo


 Cargoes  Yachts, Agricultural Machines, Static Machinery
 Sea Transport

 240 tonne stern ramp on vessel

7.2m deck height

100 tonne and 18m ships trailers for static pieces

 Land Transport

 Deliveries throughout Europe, Russia and CIS from Mann Lines ports

 Agreements with Russian Railways to transport cargoes too big for road transport

 Worldwide Using Bremerhaven a hub, Mann Lines connect worldwide